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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  May 31, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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wenger two nursing students go missing... one year apart. the cases are eerily similar. but is there a connection? kiet do why police are remaining tight- lipped.
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>> reporter: last friday in hayward, michelle disappeared. she was supposed to meet up with a friend to go to reno, but she never made it. her white honda crv was found. -- disappearing while studying at at barns and noble, her body was found weeks later in napa county. the case is still not solved.
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both share the same last name, both industry nat ease and both drive white hondas. police are not saying if the two cases are connected. >> it could be simple coincidence. looking at the broad spectrum of all possibilities, we can't exclude that. >> reporter: last night in hayward, michele lee's family passed out flyers to get the word out about a $1,000 reward. >> she didn't deserve to have this happen to her. >> i just want her home. >> i'm not ready to give up any hope after four days. we have just as much hope as we ever did. >> reporter: michele lee's disappearance is still considered a missing person's case. cbs 5. >> new at noon, today, a possible link to cell phone
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usage and cancer. the cancer research team said there appears to be cause and effect between the two. a group of scientists from 14 countries say cellphones pose the same risk as lead and engine exhaust. coming up, reaction from the tech world to that possible connection. >> family and friends will hold a vigil for the san jose mother of 5 murders over the weekend. a memorial has been set up for melissa, shot and killed while driving near hal yard park. a 20-year-old relative riding with her was wounded. the motive was unclear, but ross' family said it was a case of mistaken identity. >> a woman killed in a car crash early this morning in marine county. she got stuck highway 101 south of san antonio road. it slammed into the driver's side, killing augusto on
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impact. three people in the van suffered minor injuries. the kaczynski hp said none of the nissan's lights were under. >> a murder investigation underway. contra costa county sheriff said late last night shots were fired at a housing project. 22-year-old james newman was found in the street suffering from gunshot wounds. he died at the scene. authorities say so far, they do not have any suspects or witnesses. >> the former bart police officer in prison will soon be released. messerly was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting of oscar grant. he claims he mistook his gun for a taser. a civil suit is underway. doctors are slowly lowering
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the 4th seizure medication, stowe's family said he should be off it a couple of days. doctors are treating blood clots that have formed in one of his legs. stowe remains in critical condition, two months after he was attacked outside of dodger's stadium. >> good news for drivers heading eastbound, crews finished changes on the oakland side ahead of schedule. the lanes have been configured with a slight drop to the right so crews can work on the eastbound lane landing. earlier next year, another realignment for westbound traffic. >> is. >> walkers and bikers on the golden gate bridge must contend with a change, an entire sidewalk is closed, forcing everyone to share the one walkway that is open. >> reporter: today is a horrible day to be walking around, but it's the golden
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gate britain. there are plenty of 0 tourists making the trip. meantime, you can see the construction going on over there. one less sidewalk to walk on. >> it's one of the most famous stretches of sidewalks in the world. starting today, less room to bike or walk across the golden gate bridge. >> the entire length of the sidewalk on the west side of the bridge will be closed for four months, part of the project to make the britain safer in an earthquake. >> it's necessary, you do what you have got to do. >> reporter: they will be replacing part of the the marin anchorage. that traffic will now be combined with the eastern side. >> for me, personally, it's my only time on the britain.
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i would have seen both sides. if they are working construction, it had to be done, it's safe, i guess to do it that way. >> reporter: in september. part of the east sidewalk will be closed, but only a 300-foot section, that will last until early next year. >> still a great ride, you just go it with it, rain, sleet, snow, you just go with it. >> a reminder of a couple of rules, here, bikers are allowed to cross the bridge 24/7, pedestrians are limited to the time between sunrise and sunset. elizabeth? >> it's amazing how many people would come and brave this. people saw smiles on their faces and are taking plenty of pictures as you might expect. very good, tourists love it. >> it's got to be the tourists, it's their one shot deal to get
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across the britain. >> or judge's ceo blamed his neighbors for blocking his view because of the trees. the neighbors refused to cut the redwoods trees and now the neighbors are backing down. >> we were hoping to have this be a very private matter, obviously, it didn't come that way and we are really sorry about this whole thing. we are cutting our trees. >> reporter: ellisson uses his pacific heights home for entertaining, saying he will be there more often for america's cup race, which he is bringing to the bay area -- will she or won't she? do cell phone cause cancer? sara palin is hitting the road and raising eyebrows about a potential white house run.
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>> and do cellphones cause cancer? why the world health organization says you may be at risk. >> from the cbs 5 weather center, the rain keeps coming, here it is all around the bay area. there is plenty more to come, we'll talk about that, coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] if you're ready to get more from your tv service than comcast can give, now's a great time to switch to at&t u-verse tv. make the switch! [ female announcer ] call to get at&t u-verse -- now with free hd -- for only $29 a month for six months. or get $300 back via promotion card with a qualifying u-verse bundle. [ male announcer ] u-verse tv lets you record up to four shows at once on a single dvr. and you can record and play back your shows from any room. plus with u-verse, you get dvr service and receiver included at no extra charge. [ female announcer ] call to get at&t u-verse -- now with free hd -- for only $29 a month
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it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles. super poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. super poligrip free made the kiwi an enjoyable experience. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. on news of a new aid package for greece. but here at home... >> is. >> welcome back. let go ahead and look at the big board. stocks are up on news -- sign the economic recovery remains under stress. a new report shows home prices in 12 of the top 20 cities, dropped to the lowest point since 2006. >> i know what that's all
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about. >> sara palin is still touring historic sites by bus. she said she's not sure if she wants to run for president. but as daniel noting ham reports, she's stealing the spotlight away from other republicans. >> reporter: sara palin continues her mystery tour of 0 the east coast. her bus stopped overnight in gettysburg, pennsylvania where the former alaska governor minkled with voters. she is playing hard to get with members of the media. >> reporter: what do you think the odds are that you will run? >> i don't know. >> reporter: so far, her bus has stopped in washington, d.c. and pennsylvania, but she has not announced her eye continue rarery, leaving reporters scrambling. palin is having a big effect on the gop run for the white house. the attention her bus tour is getting threatening to overshadow other republicans woe are out campaigning. in new hampshire, tea party
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favorite michelle bachman spent her memorial day speaking with veterans. she plans to announce if she's in the race next month. back main will join the field of five candidates who have declared. mitt romny is heading to new hampshire this week, making it official on thursday. bachman may be making headlines, but polls show romny is the one to beat. with two key features of al- qaida, american investigators have been combing through records taken from osama bin laden's compound in pakistan. they have learned that al-qaida members married get a week of vacation for every three weeks of work. bachelors get five days off a month. al-qaida bosses are tough about receipts, demanding fighters provide an accounting of all of their purchases. >> health risk, what the world
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health organization says about the potential for cellphones to cause cancer. her courage as a gun battle raged outside. and keeping her cool. the teacher being honored for her cower ran as a gun battle rages outside. >> so much for spring, wintery weather continues in the bay area. very wet, more storms to come, we'll talk about that, next. ,,,,,,,,
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she sang to her class to keep >> is. >> welcome back. a kindergarten teacher from mexico is being honored for her bravery. >> she sang to her class to keep them calm while a gun battle was going on outside of the classroom. you can hear the gunshots. [ speaking in spanish ] the state's governor the [ speaking in spanish ] that's a barney song, by the way about chocolate and the kids listened in and chimed in. the video went viral after the teacher posted it on a facebook pain.
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she was awarded outstanding citizen. guys, are we going to ever end with this rain? en it's true, we have the showers around the bay area, clouds rolling in. we have more storming lining up in the pacific and heading our way. outside, clouds gathering early on, showers starting out in the north bay, but spreading to the start. just starting to see some sprinkles, but there is more rain as we head in toward the afternoon. doppler radar picking up on the showers outside, moderate amounts of rain making their way into the parts of the bay area. just some sprinkles down in the south bay so far and widely- scattered up toward redwood city, a pretty good cell moving
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in this direction. you can see the rain coming down moderately in that area. you have more scattered showers. it looks like the line comes traveling from the south to the northeast and as it does, it will bring more rainfall on and off throughout the afternoon hours. even the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm or two. it looks like we have some cold weather to deal with across the coastline as we are seeing the cool onshore breeze continuing throughout the day. tonight, it looks like more showers continuing around the bay area. it looks like the low will swing off the coastline, bringing more instability to the atmosphere and a chance of thunderstorms. temperatures in the 50s and 60s outside. if you plan on traveling around the state, you will run into some temperatures, even in the 70s. tahoe, mixture of rain and snow up there as things will stay unsettled. here we go, it looks like the trough continues along the west coast, bringing a lot of rain into the bay area. it doesn't look like high
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pressure wants to build in any time soon. we have another storm system developing in the gulf of alaska. i think that will be stronger. with that in mind, we will keep things pretty cool outside across the next few days, high pressure nowhere to be found. chance of showers tomorrow with the possibility of thunderstorms, a brief break on thursday, but we have an even stronger storm system moving in, it looks like, on friday. that's a look at the weather, guys, back to you. cell phone usage and cancer their >> thanks, warren. >> is. >> world health organization believes there may be a link to cell phone use an and cancer. >> we have heard it of about, but the study said the effect is as strong as lead -- should we get worried -- >> we have heard this before, but not from the world health organization. this is the very first time they have said there is a
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possible connection. there is been a lot of dismissive reports in the past, "don't worry about it. there is no connection." but finally, the news is that there is a possible connection that our cellphones could lead to a very serious malignant brain cancer. very bad news. >> what are we supposed to do? >> with every cell phone you buy, there is a warning on the bock. you want to keep it 15- millimeters away from your head. do you do that? >> i do not. >> reporter: black berry users 25-millimeters. that's something you should be doing. if it's unrealistic to hold it away from your head, get a blue tooth. >> children, eight, nine and 10 that may have a cell phone, a little more susceptible? >> a lot of physicians have said as a child's skull
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develops, it's thinner, and cells are multiplying so rapidly, based 0 be that simple logic that their skulls are thinner, there is more concern about the radiation getting into their brains quicker and faster than if they were an adult. there are five billion mobile subscribers worldwide. that number keeps doubling practically he every year and one of the demographic is with children and young people. so obviously, there is a concern there. >> thanks so much. >> the british are coming. >> they are, details of the royal couple's visit to california. are they coming to the bay area? that's the big question. we'll fill you in, when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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light red to dark red color, when you bring them home, store them on the counter and when they get nice and soft, a little give to it, that's when you enjoy california peaches. >> asparagus, local grown, in the markets, a lot of it in the market, prices are coming down. you can find beautiful ones for $1.99 a pound, a great average price. when you do buy them, make sure green from top to bottom and squeeze them. when they are squeaky, that means they are fresh. >> bicolored corn, i love them, yellow and white kerr nells together. you can find them for 59-cents each and because they are sold by the piece, not the pound, get the biggest ear. you get the biggest bang for the buck. store these in the fridge right away. i'm tony with this week's best
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buys, eat fresh, save some money, a beautiful thing. >> is. >> it looks like the royal newly weds will not be visiting the bay area during their first visit to the area. >> they will be visiting southern california. they will be in l.a. july 8th, 9th and 10th. >> snubbing the bay area. >> that's it for cbs 5 news at noon. >> enjoy the rain. >> see you, later, you guys. ,, w
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